May 04, 2009

A peek at Cherry Stew

Cherry Stew is stepping out into blog land albeit tentatively.

sewing machines are one thing, computers are an entirely new and strange machine... so here goes .

Here's a peek at some frills and snippets of fabric.

With time and practice I shall show you the whole seasons range .

Helpful hints are most welcome from all you friendly crafty bloggers.


  1. I found you!!! Beautiful scarf! xxx

  2. Hi Madeleine,
    I'm a huge Cherry Stew fan. We met at Made n Thornbury and I bought a couple of tees and the dress off the mannequin (I first was introduced to your range over at My Poppet).
    Please keep up the blog updates as I'd love to know about all your new designs and markets that you'll be attending.
    Happy Blogging!!
    Jen in Melbourne

  3. I was very surprised to find my blog myself , novice blogger that I am. Did you find this blog by googling? Whichever way it is great to be found, and will definitely keep up blogging.
    Jen , check out the blogspot of the ruby pear, its in Launceston and Cherry stews newest stockist. Cheerio, Miss Cherry stew .