August 09, 2011

blip (that's me on the radar)

Any one reading this will know it's been a long while between cherry stew posts.
Miss Cherry stew has been hardly in the studio for quite a few months, having gone back to work sewing for the theatre. Well, I did say change was afoot... between now and the end of the year you will still be able to find me more weekends than not at a market in and around Melbourne, with your favourite styles of little girls pinnafores from  past collections and more garments as promised for us , grown up girls.
Do pop in to say hello....

April 21, 2011

latest canvas photo gallery

March 14, 2011

new home wares in stock

new canvas in stock featuring some truly beautiful vintage buttons. It really was time to put some of my button collection to use. After a recent road trip that involved much lucky op shopping I am no longer able to close the button suitcase... yes, you read right I have a suitcase   full of buttons....

March 07, 2011

the heidi teas dress

Chery stew has gone a little holiday in the alps with the new heidi tea dress, soft cord and sweet vintage braids , available in sizes o to 4

February 08, 2011

first peek at winter

here's a first look at the new sweet heart scarves so named for the cute little shape of a heart they make when you cross their little rounded ends over, or because they would look lovely on your little sweet heart.
This batch are for little un's ..
The grown up ones are super long , over 2 metres because I love a long , trailing scarf.

January 27, 2011

pebble brooches

Still seem to be having trouble really and properly going back to work... have at least turned on the sewing machine. I have been making little piles of the new pebble brooches to use up sweet fabric pieces i have been holding onto for ages. To give them their distinctive pebble shape requires sewing around and around and around and ... well quite a few more times. has been quite hypnotic 

January 17, 2011

new year new house new tricks

So, I 've moved myself , family and cherry stew into a big ol' house. For 6 years now we have lived in the tiniest of flats. I have a great big studio now but so far  nothing much has been sewn in it. . .  I have rediscovered the wonderful things that a garden can be, picnics, hammocks, cold drinks in the sun.
I have a lovely big kitchen to cook for friends in. Who would have thought I could make ravioli...

But, the time has come to go back to work with my first market for the year coming up this Sunday the 23rd Jan. It's the Threadden market in North Melbourne of course, one of my favourites.
so, maybe see some of you there....