May 26, 2009

Oh, it's Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I can't wait till it's Next Tuesday to play the it's Tuesday and I can't wait game...

In the meantime am making skirts for the Cherry stew's for grown ups too range. Here's one of the first ones.
Will post more photos very soon. ...


  1. Hi Madeleine,
    I know it will sound like my life is pretty boring but it's so exciting to see comments on my blog. It's daunting in the beginning and any support is greatly appreciated. I am now going to check out yours :)

  2. Well, well you are online. So exciting to see you here. I hope you have lots of fun and don't become too addicted. Thanks for finding my blog. Will see you around. Lou.

  3. Hello again!
    Where will Cherry Stew for grown ups be made available?? I would greatly appreciate if you could list on your blog when you are next sharing your wares at a market, I'd love to stop by.

    Jen in Melbourne

  4. Love the tree print. Looking forward to seeing more photos...

  5. There you are! Your dresses are looking beautiful. How is the Artisans Market going?